Posted by: William | October 17, 2007


We spend our days jabbering endlessly into our phones, so it’s not surprising really that there’s software about that allows you to talk directly to your phone as if it were another person. Kind of like cutting in the middleman. Isn’t that grand, your phone will never hang up on you, or sit there blasting loud, hurt breaths down the line at you until you apologise for missing their birthday. VoiceSignal is voice recognition software that allows you and your phone to bond with a degree of interaction some might regard as unhealthy. You can dictate messages, search for and call contacts, summon apps with but a word; you speak and it obeys. Well, that’s the idea at least. At a loud and busy show like this, muttering ‘contacts’ into the base of the phone illicits the same sort of cold shoulder your girlfriend was just giving you. Aaah! Now even your phone hates you! Voice recognition still has a way to go methinks.

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