Posted by: James Nash | September 4, 2008

Plug your wares

SymbianOne is reporting about the SpeedNet@DevFest event which will be taking place at the Smartphone Show. Basically, any Symbian OS app developer who feels up to the challenge can apply to do a 5 minute pitch of their app in front of a panel of key handset vendors, network operators and Symbian representatives. (Who knows, perhaps we’ll sneak in and post the highlights to this blog too!)

It’s a great opportunity to get some publicity for your apps as well as feedback from some industry big-wigs. So, if you’re a developer head on over the Smartphone Show site and register your pitch!



  1. ‘Plug your WAREZ’? In view of the high levels of piracy and cracked applications in the computer/mobile world at the moment, this post could have been better titled, I feel…. 😎

  2. Hmm.. fair point. I was trying to make it sound more geeky / humorous and thought “warez” was applicable to legit applications too. A quick check in the Jargon File, has revealed that it’s not. I must be getting a bit rusty on the ol’ 133t-speak. Drat!

    Ah well, I’ve updated the title to “wares” now.

    Btw, thanks for popping by Steve! Nice to see such a prominent Symbian blogger grace our humble blog. 🙂


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